Our Organization

In Bunge Argentina we know that our culture, management style, and people, are factors that made a difference, and helped us to become the best integrated agribusiness company in the country.

Therefore, our human resources management is focused on attracting, developing, and fostering human capital, by consolidating a highly motivated work environment, which assures commitment with the goals to fulfill.

We generate training actions and programs, by providing our collaborators with technical and/or attitudinal tools that allow them to achieve an optimum performance, accompanying the increasing evolution of our business.

We foster a participative management style, reinforce teamwork, and favor an adequate delegation of activities and the harmonization between individual and company-set objectives.

Our People

Bunge Argentina believes in its employees, and places its trust on them, as they are the driving force of the organizational strength:

  • It sees itself as a growing organization that learns every day.
  • It bets on the continuous training of its Human Resources, as a tool that responds to new needs, both locally and globally.
  • It is committed o help developing its people with responsibility and dedication, enhancing individual initiatives.
  • It values individual competencies, such as: predisposition for lifelong learning, flexibility, proactivity, creativity and innovation, teamwork spirit, good interpersonal relationship, professionalism, quality orientation, and excellence.
  • It acknowledges good performance, the capacity to add value to the Company, and the contribution to business bottom line.