Press release from Bunge Argentina.

Puerto General San Martín, January 31, 2017.

In relation to the soy crude oil Spillage that occurred in the Paraná River during the morning of Monday, January 30, Bunge Argentina informs to Puerto General San Martin City and its community the following:

  • That in compliance with the Company's Spill Response and Containment Plan, the sanitation measures were completed through containment, recovery and remediation, disposal of the material collected, as well as cleaning and restoration of the coasts, according to the procedure approved by Prefectura Naval Argentina. (Argentine Maritime & Fluvial Authority) and all relevant authorities, in the National Contingency Plan (Planacon)
  • That through all these quick measures adopted, any environmental impact related to the abovementioned event was remedied

Bunge Argentina is grateful for the collaboration of all authorities and particularly for the commitment of Prefectura Naval Argentina, that led the event with own resources, and for the performance of CleanSea, a company expert on environmental matters, that worked in the remediation process of the affected area.